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Tricon Timber, LLC - "Our Lumber Is Framing The Future"

Tricon Timber is primarily a 9 stud mill with the versatility to cut squares, boards, and metric export products.

Our location in Western Montana gives us access to a wide range of species including: Douglas Fir, Western Larch,
   Engelmann Spruce, Lodgepole Pine, White Fir, Hemlock, and Ponderosa Pine.

We are strategically located on the MRL Railroad, a BNSF point, just off I-90 for truck loading.


2x4 4-7 Studs
2x6 5-7 Studs
2x4 8 Trims in #2 grade
2x6 8 Trims in #2 grade
2x4 9 Trims in Stud and #2 grades
2x6 9 Trims in Stud and #2 grades
1x4 7-9 Pallet Material


Kurt Vestman
Cell: 406-214-8608
Fax: 406

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